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Sils Cibei


“Dominique was able to help like no other practitioner before. My chronic lower back problems quickly improved after he helped me with my posture through exercises and pain management strategies.”


Being and active sportsman all my life there have always injuries. As a result I have been to many physios, but have stayed with Dominique for the last 15 years. He is the first I have encountered who is methodical, recording measurements of movement and pain and comparing them from one treatment to the next to determine effectiveness of the treatment plan and adjusting it as required. Dominique contacted me recently to talk about a new approach to chronic pain with reference to my CHRONIC BACK PAIN that I endured for more than 30 years. He arranged a catch up and took the time to explain it to me, and give me resource material to help understand the process. The result has literally been life changing. I had become so nervous about using my back I had started pulling back on most activities, even playing music in bands as I need to carry heavy keyboards and speakers. I really can’t thank him enough for taking the care to contact me and help get me active again.



Scott O’Brien

I had severe ankle pain to my left foot, from arthritis. I saw Dominique at his rooms at Summer Hill over number sessions. I was amazed with his professionalism and most of all he showed general concern of my well-being. He showed me exercises that really helped me control my pain and actually helped me with a management program to mentally prepare myself, which I believed assisted me in the achieving this good result. I would thoroughly recommend Dominique, as I trust him and his methods immensely.


Judy R

I first went to Dominique for help with my painful and almost immobile frozen right shoulder. I found Dominique professional, thorough, gentle, calming and reassuring. He explained the problem in detail and his plan of treatment. In two weeks I was able to reach out with my arm.  Within 6 weeks I was back to almost normal.  To date, my family and friends are still amazed.  Over the last five years, Dominique has treated me for knee pain, Achilles tendonitis and hip pain. In addition to his knowledge and experience, Dominique is committed to educating his patients and teaching self-help with exercises.  He has helped me with correcting my movements which played a large part in my physical well-being. Dominique also has the gift of seeing the "whole picture".  He has a kind and caring heart, and has helped me overcome fears and anxiety. I cannot speak more highly of Dominique.


Angus Bs

I have been seeing Dominique for about 10 years for a whole bunch of injuries accrued during my sporting career. He is always friendly, professional and understanding. Dominique has helped me recover from all my injuries, most recently torn ligaments in my right ankle. We began treatment and he set me up with a rehab plan and has even been following up with phone calls after treatment was finished and I was back playing again. Legend.


Barbara Konkolowicz

Dominique is a highly skilful, knowledgeable physiotherapist to whom I brought my elderly, frail & blind mum. She was very happy to have Dominique help get her stronger & more confident on her feet, so she could dance at her 100th birthday, which she did! I've been seeing Dominique over a long time myself. I feel confidence in his superior understanding of the human body. He almost seems to have x-ray vision as his diagnoses are spot on. The exercises he prescribes are finely-tuned & he demonstrates & explains them clearly. In my eyes he's at the top of his game.


Shaharin Yussof

I have been seeing Dominique off and on since 2015, for shoulder reconstruction rehab to lower back pain issues. In each situation, he has been very helpful, not only with immediate treatment, but with self-help advice, and follow up treatments. He explains what's wrong and how I can help to make it better with his guidance. I've been to others, but I've always come back to him. I'm happy to recommend him to anyone who needs the services of a physiotherapist who knows, and cares.


Carl Arena

Always thorough, and effective in the treatment provided!! I have had a variety of injuries, pain, and post surgical treatments from this clinic. I recommend ANYONE to attend!! I've always received glowing feedback too, from others I've recommended to attend. A++


Fiona Gainsford

Dominique is an excellent physio. He takes the time to thoroughly assess and consider all aspects of rehabilitation.

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